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DIY: 5 DIY Upgrades For Your Outdoor Space

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The outdoor space of your home should be treated with as
much care and concern as you would do with your indoor space. Your front garden
is the very first thing that visitors will see upon arriving at your home, and it’s
always a good idea to make a right, lasting impression. On the reverse, your
backyard is also where you can have a lot of outdoor family fun and memories.

Upgrading your outdoor space is a great way to really make
memories with family. However, doing so can be quite an expensive project if
you ask a professional to do it for you. Before you start with any DIY project
however, remember the most important thing: keep your lawn in good shape all
the time. You can do this yourself, too, by selecting a good lawnmower in a
company that sells sturdy and reliable household lawnmowers. Think of your grass as the canvas
for you to work on: it must be clean. Here are DIY upgrades for your outdoor

1. Install

If you’re looking to create a patio area, and the place is
already cemented with concrete, one of the easiest, and cheapest ways for you
to upgrade the space is to install pavers. Pavers come in all shapes and sizes;
hence, you’ll be able to find pieces that are cheaper, too. Plus, they are easy
to install, and you can certainly do this by yourself. Your hardware store can
give you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fix these pavers if
you’re open enough to ask.

2. Add
Some Lighting

If your outdoor space is still dark come sunset, then now is
the time for you to install some new lighting fixtures. Great lighting is an
excellent way to set the mood in your outdoor space, and experts suggest going
for yellow-colored lights! Yellow lights will instantly make your outdoor space
feel more cozy, chic, and relaxing. Here are some ideas for your outdoor space
and the lights that you can add:

  • Small fairy lights on bushes.
  • Big, solar-powered rattan/capiz
    yellow lights around tree branches.
  • Wall or fence lights
  • Rope lights along the perimeter of
    your outdoor space or walkway

3. Make
Use Of Your Trees

If you have trees around your outdoor space, don’t just let
them be trees. There are many ways for you to make good use out of their
branches, like the following:

A tree house is not only for young children. Adults can
enjoy a great tree house, too! If you or your husband has basic carpentry
skills, you can build your own tree house from scratch. For the kids, this tree
house can be an excellent play area; for the kids at heart, this tree house can
be a great reading nook or corner, or a quiet space for you to meditate and

If building a tree house is out of the picture, for now, you
can also work on something simpler like a swing. Swings are often easy to make
and assemble, which you can slowly work on by yourself. Like a tree house, a
swing can also be fun, both for children and for adults. A swing is always a
great addition to an outdoor space when the whole family or friends come in for
some great outdoor bonding.

4. Start A
Herb And Vegetable Garden

If you have some extra space on your outdoor patio, you can
utilize this space to create a herb and vegetable garden. A herb garden adds
some greenery to your deck; and even most importantly, you’re saving money in
the long run by no longer having to purchase all these herbs and vegetables
from the supermarket, or the local market. What’s even better is that you’re
ensuring the health of your family, because you know what went into these
herbs, and that they are free of chemicals. With all these, starting a herb and
vegetable garden on your outdoor patio is always an excellent upgrade idea for
your home.

5. Create
Your Citronella Candles

As inviting as your outdoor space may look, if there are
bugs and mosquitoes around, this can be an unpleasant experience. Hence, guests
will then prefer to stay indoors. One good way for you to upgrade your outdoor
space is to create your citronella-infused candles! Doing this as a DIY project
is pretty easy and simple to do; here are the steps:

  • Prepare the materials needed: mason
    jar, citronella oil, lemon, tea light candle.
  • Fill the mason jar three quarters
    full with citronella oil.
  • Drop in a slice of lemon, and put
    your tea light candle over this lemon.
  • Light the candle.

As easy as this DIY project is, it’s a great way to drive
unwanted bugs and insects away so that your outdoor space can become an
excellent space for you to bond with family and friends!


These DIY upgrades can be a fun summer project for you and
the rest of the family! Although it’ll take hard work and effort, you’ll feel a
greater sense of fulfillment later on when your outdoor space is done, after
doing it all by yourself. Home upgrades don’t always have to burn a hole in
your pocket; you can work around your budget and be cost-friendly with these
ways that are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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