DIYDIY Paper Mache Ideas

DIY: 40 DIY Paper Mache Ideas To Take On

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The art of “Papier-mâché” or paper mache goes back to 1725 Europe when the crafty technique appeared as a cheaper simpler alternative to carved wood architectural pieces. The material itself is a composite one, made from different paper pieces or pulp which is bound with adhesives such as glue, starch or wallpaper paste. Sometimes, for extra strength the composition is reinforced with textiles. The material is usually placed over a metallic or wooden armature which dictates the form, which is later on  finished with lacquer. The right composition depends on the desired consistency and on the complexity of the project itself. Ultimate Paper Mache offers a list of experimented paper mache compositions from which you can opt for the right one for you.

The technique itself is quite an easy one once you get the hang of it, allowing you to form complex shapes and forms. The process which requires patience and time is a great recreational craft, suitable for young minds and adults alike, a creative method of expressing one’s personality and imagination. Further on we have selected a collection of 40 DIY Paper Mache Ideas To Take On, cast a glance and choose your next weekend project.

1. Create a baby mobile by using the paper mache technique to make small colorful creatures


2. A fun addition to your little one’s bedroom


3. Create elegant paper mache candle holders


4. Use paper mache to mold feminine sculptures


5. Perfect you understanding of human form


6. You can mold paper into a realistic owl


7. Create your own lighting appliances


8. Use egg carton pulp to form a bowl


9. White delicate candle holders made through the paper mache technique


10. Have fun with a newspaper octopus decoration for your baby mobile


11. A baby mobile in the shape of a fairytale hot air balloon


12. Little red mushrooms to fill your home


13. Form tiny bowls for your jewelry


14. Such a delicate side lamp


15. Form hanging paper mache hearts and fill them with string lights

Source unknown

16. Recycle an old light bulb and fill it with paper mache hearts

Source unknown

17. Use a balloon to form a paper mache lighting fixture

Source unknown

18. Tissue paper used to form hanging candle holders


19. DIY gold leaf paper mache bowls for delicate jewelry

Source unknown

20. Paper mache hearts Christmas tree ornaments


21. Dipped in gold paper mache flower vase

Source unknown

22. A fun teacup set to your little girl’s tea parties


23. A fun singing in the rain sculpture


24. Getting crafty with paper mache birds


25. A funny decoration piece for the Easter table


26. A paper mach cat piece with a special shiny finish

27. Teach you toddler to create fairytale characters

28. A fun character with vibrant colors made with paper mache

29. Simple yet quite expressive bunny paper mache toy

30. Immerse yourself into a paper mache wonderland

31. Get creative and think outside the box

32. Slightly disturbing yet beautiful paper mache piece

33. Offer joy and smiles though your art

34. Create your own universe

35. Exquisite unusual paper mache creation

36. Start by recreating simple animal figures

37. Be unconventional and express your imagination

38. Use paper with delicate colorful patterns

39. You can even embellish the paper mache end result with beads

40. The animal kingdom is easily expressed through paper mache

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What do you think about the colorful and beautiful world of DIY paper mache ideas? Feel free to express yourself in the comment section below.

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